American Gear Shop was founded on the American Dream. With over 20 years of experience, owner Hector Valuenza opened American Gear Shop ..... Many of our customers are enthusiasts. We have axles running down drag strips, across the biggest rocks in Johnson Valley, and down to the corner store. While we enjoy building custom assemblies, we do so much more

Ring & Pinion • Diff Bearings • Housings
Posi & Lockers • Transmission • Transfer Case
Racing Applications • Brakes • Engine

"I've been dragging my axles through some of the gnarliest terrain in the states at world famous Johnson Valley. There's a lot that can go wrong on the remote trails out there, but one thing I don't stress over anymore is my gears. After calling them up on a referral, Hector set me up with choice Motiv Gear ring and pinions that can take the abuse I serve them. With the extreme temperatures of the desert, 37" tires and a full locker they don't get babied. Thanks for the great service and product Hector!"
-Tim Symonds, Anaheim, CA

"I've shaved valuable time off my quarter mile timeslips thanks to the Quaiffe LSD American Gear Shop installed in my Civic. I needed it ready for a hard deadline and they came through when my usual shop couldn't. Their knowledge and quality of work won me over, I take my daily driver to AGS for regular maintenance now because I know I can trust them.
-Peter Lam, Costa Mesa, CA